One of our most spectacular success stories here at Penn Hills.

Our participant’s name is Christine Broadus. She is 75 years old, and was diagnosed with Anoxic En Syndrome. She was unable to get out of her wheelchair, had tremors and balance issues, and weakened and contracted limbs. When she started the class in May of 2016, she could not stand up, and had difficulty with hand strength and coordination. We slowly got her to stand for 10 seconds, then 30 then a minute, then 5, then 10.  After very hard work (she’s amazingly tough), she can now stand without tremors for 20 minutes and her limb strength and coordination is much better!

Christine’s testimony:

“I have been going to the Foundations classes since May of 2016. Since then I have become much stronger. I am able to stand longer without my legs shaking so hard. I can go from a sitting to standing position alone smoother and easier. My contracted arm is getting stronger and not so tight. I use to not be able to reach the small of my back, now I can wash my back without very much assistance. I am able to reach above my head and my reaching point gets further every day. I am thankful for this program and look forward to going each week, even when it’s cold!” (it was a very cold day when she wrote this).