people-rothmanHello, my name is Sandy Rothman. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2012. I started attending the Foundation’s Class about nine months ago. This class has been amazing at improving my balance, my agility and my strength. I had been on a cane for some time when I came into this class, even before I was diagnosed because I kept falling down a lot. I ended up in Swedish Hospital, which is a level one trauma center, for a week and it was really pretty traumatic. I had fallen a number of times before that. I fell on my face because I couldn’t get my hands out in front of me when I fell. I haven’t fallen since I started coming to this class and developing my strength and agility. So the benefits of this class are that I regained my confidence and the things I used to be able to do. I have regained my hopefulness because I have improved and stabilized my functions. Most importantly, my balance has improved tremendously. I even started, this month, cross country skiing again on the flats; something I haven’t been able to do in almost a decade. And so, this class has changed my life because I feel like the Parkinson’s, even though it’s a difficult disease, has become a motivator in terms of regaining my quality of living. There is a wonderful social aspect to this group as far as sharing our common issues. Thanks.