Foundations Class


Looking for a Parkinson’s Network Foundations Class?

Parkinson’s Network Foundations Class (formerly called Parkinson’s Boot Camp), lays a base for people with Parkinson’s (PWP’s) who are newcomers to Parkinson’s Disease (PD) exercise.

This class incorporates exercises that target improving specific deficits with emphasis on strength, balance and flexibility. These functions normally decline with age, but in PWP’s they decline at an accelerated rate. In addition, the exercises are enhanced by including cognition, voice and fun.

Foundations class is 75 minutes in length. It includes a head-to-toe 20 minute warm up (seated). The remaining time is spent performing a variety of unique standing exercises and routines. Participants are encouraged to do as much as possible and rest when necessary. PWP’s who come to class in a wheelchair or using a walker are required to have their caregiver or driver stay with them during the class.

The 75-minute Foundations class for PWP targets these eight critical areas:
  1. Rigidity – Muscle stiffness & resistance to movement
  2. Hand Dexterity – Problems with handwriting, fine-motor tasks
  3. Akinesia – Inability to move spontaneously
  4. Bradykinesia – Slow movements
  5. Postural Stability – Impaired posture and coordination
  6. Balance – Problems with falls, stability
  7. Cognition – Problems acquiring new knowledge, multi-tasking
  8. Gait – Problems with shuffling, range of motion

This class runs continuously and participants can begin at any time. In order to receive the most benefit from the Foundations Class we recommend attending 2-3 times per week. We have observed that the people who improve function and maintain improved function are committed to attending class regularly. Participants who begin coming and then stop have reported a decline in function.

We can’t stress enough the importance of specific regular exercises to help fight the devastating effects of Parkinson’s Disease. This class may help you feel that you have some control over the disease.

You, and your caregiver if needed, are invited to come and try a class anytime to see if you like it!
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