people-mayerI was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Variant Primary in late summer. The day after I got my diagnosis, I came to Gary Sobol’s Parkinson’s Boot Camp (now called Foundations) and I’ve been happily attending ever since.

Gary is an extremely inspirational class leader and the fact that he also has Parkinson’s provides additional motivation for those of us in class to do our very best work. Gary is always giving 110% to guide us in keeping PD at bay, patiently explaining before we begin each exercise the reason for doing it, and what symptoms the exercise will help mitigate or stave off completely.

Since I’ve started attending the Parkinson’s boot camp, I’ve been sleeping better and have a better attitude toward living with PD. I see folks in our class who’ve had PD for 20 years, and to watch them go through our exercises and see what they’re accomplishing is truly amazing. In the short time I’ve been participating, I’ve seen men and women come to class using canes and walkers, and within a month or two, virtually all are standing on their own in class, and with our group clapping and cheering them on, it’s truly cause for celebration.