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I had the pleasure of attending Gary Sobol’s GZSPN Foundations Class Instructor Course in January. This course is by far one of the best certifications I have ever attended. Gary sheds a new light on assisting people dealing with the effects of Parkinson’s disease. His understanding of the progression of Parkinson’s disease and his ability to counteract this progression through exercise is both exciting and motivating. Through his research and experience, Gary has provided valuable tools to help not only the individual but also the caregiver involved with the day-to-day effects of this disease. After teaching my class since January, I have improved as an instructor, and am able to connect with and understand the daily challenges that are faced by the participants and their families. I look forward to the ongoing training and information that Gary shares, and would highly recommend this course.


— Joni Krickbaum

Upcoming Instructor Training Class - May 4, 2019 - Boulder, Colorado

New Instructor Training Class Description & Testimonial

Our new instructor training class is 8 hours long and provides the student with .7 CEC units. The training focuses heavily on Parkinson’s and MS disease symptoms and specific exercises that help restore lost functions.

“What a fantastic day for 13 group instructors to attend Gary Sobol’s GZSPN Foundations Class Instructor Course in Des Moines, IA!! Gary Sobol was so willing to travel and is such an inspiration. I loved the movement he included and all the reps he stressed. It is always good to learn a new way to accomplish the same thing to form those NEW neuro pathways. Becoming a better instructor is always a goal of mine. This was a class I received great inspiration and look forward to teaching to PWP.”

— LaDona Molander

Participants learn the 10 building block exercises that are used to put together various routines. In addition students learn about the 30+ symptoms PWP can experience. A great deal of attention is paid to multi-tasking by adding cognitive tasks to the exercises.

Safety precautions are covered in detail and students are taught how to manage a class with wide differences in mobility etc.

Members learn about GZSPN and how our marketing and PR can help them get their classes started.

Each student experiences a complete Foundations class as a PWP would. Then they are divided into teams and teach a Foundations class to a group of PWP.

All certified instructors, receive periodic updates of the Instructor Guide.

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