people-prescottHi, my name is Henry Prescott. I am a personal trainer with the YMCA of Boulder Valley and I help lead the Parkinson’s Circuit Class. My biggest philosophy is that an increase in balance, power and strength lead to a better quality of life. Basically, what I try and do at the YMCA in this class is discuss and lead the participants in terms of strength, power and agility.

As we age we lose strength and as we lose strength we lose balance. So, what we try and do in these classes is improve the overall quality of our strength which will inherently improve balance.

Also, another segment that we address is an increase in power. The more powerful a person is, the easier a task becomes and the more efficient a task is, as well. With power exercises, we often use medicine balls. We do exercises on an incline; anything that is going to promote more resistance and an overall higher difficulty level.

Finally, we try to work on agility and balance. Agility and balance are so important because the brain has to constantly adjust to the task at hand and we have to work at starting and stopping, as well as, thinking when we are doing an exercise. We are really doing a lot of dual tasking. Not only are we incorporating foot patterns, but the individual has to think about the exercise and what they are doing. That is what we are really trying to work on, on a daily basis here at the “Y.”