I have had Parkinson’s disease (PD) for about seven years. Like many a PD-sufferer, I’ve tried many things. That includes Carbidopa made from Mung Beans and powder made from the spores of Chinese red fungus. I have had two deep brain stimulation surgeries (DBS) and I have tried pills in various combinations and strengths.

So I came to Gary’s boot camp without expectation, actually a little pessimistic. I came once a week at first, and did the workout half-heartedly. Then one day I noticed my balance was better and my walking was better too. It works! I started to take the workouts more seriously and began coming twice a week. I can see now after a few months that my symptoms are responding. My speech has improved as has my walking, the two most important symptoms to me. I’m happy that my falling is under control and that I am more willing to engage other people.

Finally, I like the group atmosphere. It is rousing and supportive. I’m grateful to Gary for starting this. It is a great blessing to the PD community.

George Keenen