OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy name is Bob Shellenberger. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in February, 2010. I started attending the Foundations Class about two years ago. I was here at the beginning and there are four points I want to make. The first point is that it changed my life having a model in Gary, the instructor. Gary is very positive and overcame a lot of the symptoms of Parkinson’s; such as being able to walk and run well. I walk and run better because I have Gary as a model, how to do it. So, that’s been fantastic. Gary’s very positive and encouraging so it makes working in the class fun. The second point I want to make is that the class has provided specific techniques for overcoming Parkinson’s symptoms. None of the medications I have tried so far have helped at all, but the class has helped; such as turning to the right. Gary says, “90 degrees to the right, 180 degrees to the left!” That really helps because turning is a problem with Parkinson’s. And, another great exercise is projecting the voice; in class we really work on hollering sometimes, and also facial expression. Smiling is a challenge and also showing other kinds of emotional expressions such as “arrrgh,” so we practice this in class. Those kinds of specific techniques are very useful. The third point; the class provides the motivation for getting out of bed and getting off the floor from lying, enjoying the sunshine and getting out and doing stuff. The class has tremendous camaraderie and so that motivation to come out and work out is fun. The fourth point is all the instructors, Henry and Richard and Wendy are all encouraging and helpful. So, it has helped change my life by giving me positive motivation. Thank you.