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Boulder man’s exercise program helps himself, others deal with Parkinson’s

By Tessa Somberg For the Camera, January 26, 2018


GZ Sobol’s Parkinson’s Network provides exercise classes for People with Parkinson’s Disease (PWP), MS, TBI, neurological disorders, and those that want to age well.

Why is the GZSPN® exercise program so unique?

We follow the three E’s:

Everyone, Everything, Everywhere.

Everyone: is welcome at our classes. This includes people using walkers and wheelchairs who are accompanied by a caregiver, friend or relative.

Everything: Our classes can be taken by people with Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, other neurodegenerative diseases, older adults trying to age as best they can, people with balance issues, etc. Even our care givers who come and assist participants say they enjoy and benefit from the exercises!

Everywhere: As we continue to expand, managers in our 7 U.S. regions are in the process of starting up classes all over the country. As of January 26, 2017 we are conducting classes in several states and many major cities. GZSPN® offers the Parkinson’s Disease community an opportunity to participate in an exercise class that was designed by a person with Parkinson’s Disease for people with Parkinson’s Disease. The exercise instructors for this class are taught an exercise philosophy that specifically addresses symptoms often associated with Parkinson’s disease. The 75-minute Foundations class for PWP targets these eight critical areas:

  1. Rigidity – Muscle stiffness & resistance to movement
  2. Hand Dexterity – Problems with handwriting, fine-motor tasks
  3. Akinesia – Inability to move spontaneously
  4. Bradykinesia – Slow movements
  5. Postural Stability – Impaired posture and coordination
  6. Balance – Problems with falls, stability
  7. Cognition – Problems acquiring new knowledge, multi-tasking
  8. Gait – Problems with shuffling, range of motion

* New research is showing promising evidence that the Foundations program helps people with other neuro-degenerative diseases such as MS.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society offers financial assistance for wellness opportunities to those who qualify.  Contact an MS Navigator at 1-800-344-4867 to learn about resources and support.

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