Foundations Class

Parkinson’s Network Foundations Class (formerly called Parkinson’s Boot Camp), lays a base for people with Parkinson’s (PWP’s) who are newcomers to Parkinson’s Disease (PD) exercise.

This class incorporates exercises that target improving specific deficits with emphasis on strength, balance and flexibility. These functions normally decline with age, but in PWP’s they decline at an accelerated rate. In addition, the exercises are enhanced by including cognition, voice and fun.

Foundations class is 75 minutes in length. It includes a head-to-toe 20 minute warm up (seated). The remaining time is spent performing a variety of unique standing exercises and routines. Participants are encouraged to do as much as possible and rest when necessary. PWP’s who come to class in a wheelchair or using a walker are required to have their caregiver or driver stay with them during the class.

This class runs continuously and participants can begin at any time. In order to receive the most benefit from the Foundations Class we recommend attending 2-3 times per week. We have observed that the people who improve function and maintain improved function are committed to attending class regularly. Participants who begin coming and then stop have reported a decline in function.

We can’t stress enough the importance of specific regular exercises to help fight the devastating effects of Parkinson’s Disease. This class may help you feel that you have some control over the disease.

You, and your caregiver if needed, are invited to come and try a class anytime to see if you like it!
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Circuits Class

Parkinson’s Network Circuits Class focuses on power, strength and agility. This is a more advanced class and has a prerequisite of regularly attending the Foundations class for at least six weeks prior to attending. Your instructor can help you decide if you are ready to try this more advanced class.

The Circuits Class is set up with a series of stations that participants rotate through.. Each station has specific activities to perform that will help you become more powerful and strong instead of weaker, and more agile instead of clumsy.

This class runs for 6 weeks and then repeats. The stations provide a lot of variety and challenge to your exercise program. Please note that we recommend you still attend the Foundations Class to maintain your basic function while adding in this more advanced class.

Dance Class

Parkinsons Dance Class This class uses movement and music to improve balance, agility, strength and coordination. Science is finding that dance is not only a satisfying creative outlet for people with Parkinson’s, but addresses specific issues as well. Our class starts seated, while we connect with the muscles and neurons needed to fluidly move our feet, hands, face, torso and whole body. Focus, counting, breathing and flow are gently reminded as we dance. Movements are based on Gary Sobol’s classes. Rocking, lunges, shifting weight from foot to foot, quad strengthening, posture and more is addressed but with a musical accompaniment. Contact Viki Psihoyos for more info: 303 618 4945.

Yoga, Tai Chi, and Movement for People With Parkinson’s

This class includes yoga, qi gong, and other exercises specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s.

This class increases range of movement, flexibility, and improves balance. Learning to move mindfully and bringing each movement to completion helps prevent falls. Visualization and learning to focus internally teaches the body to overcome a “freeze”. Practical issues, such as getting up off the floor, rolling over, and falling without injury are also addressed. Yoga and qi gong are calming and have positive effects on the parasympathetic nervous system, which has many physical benefits.

Please contact Wendy to discuss if this class is appropriate for you.

Contact Wendy Christ at or 631 754 4812.