Parkinson’s Network provides exercise classes just for People with Parkinson’s Disease (PWP).

Parkinson’s Network exercise classes help PWP’s using our three guiding principles:

  1. OVERCOME challenges
  2. IMPROVE quality of life
  3. RESTORE functions

The vision of Parkinson’s Network is that every person with Parkinson’s Disease has access to our science based group exercise classes to help them restore lost functions.

The mission of Parkinson’s Network is to improve quality of life in people with Parkinson’s Disease. We carry out this mission by providing exercise from highly trained instructors offering research-based approaches.

Parkinson’s Network exercise classes are enhanced by camaraderie, cognition, voice and FUN! If a class isn’t currently offered in your area send us a message on the contact page and let us know. We are growing fast. As of today we are in twenty one cities, eight states and have over one hundred and sixty highly trained instructors.


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“I have regained my hopefulness because I have improved and stabilized my functions.”


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“Since I’ve started attending the Parkinson’s boot camp, I’ve been sleeping better and have a better attitude toward living with PD.”


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“I look forward to class not only to improve my physical and mental symptoms, but also the uplift I get from seeing my fellow participants improve.”

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